Copy Trading RAMM for investors

How it works

  • You select strategies from this rating
  • You copy their trades
  • Earn the same % of profit as the experienced trader without professional knowledge and trading skills


You don’t have to be an expert in trading. All you need is to select experienced traders and copy their trades. The platform for copy trading is user-friendly and easy to use

Full control of your money

You don’t have to transfer your funds under management and worry about their safety. The money remains in your account

Protection of your funds

You can specify the amount that will remain in your account regardless of the trade outcome

Select your strategy

You can choose a strategy that suits you best based on different parameters such as profitability, commission%, number of investors, age of the strategy, etc

Profit Multiplier

The multiplier allows you to increase your profits up to 10 times or reduce your losses

Flexible platform

You don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. The trades are copied in the web-based platform for Copy Trading RAMM or in the mobile application on Android devices

Fair and honest fees

You pay the trader only for the profit, received from trading using his strategy

Start trading like a
pro today

by copying the trades of successful traders

TOP 5 strategies

Strategy Total yield Chart Age, weeks
1727% 119 Copy
989% 6 Copy
826% 76 Copy
571% 49 Copy
564% 11 Copy

How to become an investor

Open an account

Verify your account

Deposit $100 or more into your account

Log in to your Copy Trading RAMM personal area and start copying trades


R RAMM Account
By copying a Strategy, you will get the same trading conditions as on the account type, where the strategy was created
Order Execution Market execution
Initial deposit $100
Account Currency USD
Leverage 1:200
Order volume From 0.0001 with step 0.0001
Trading Time Monday 00:00 / Friday 23:00 Eastern European Time (EET)
Position accounting Netting
Stop Out level 20%
Trading Instruments 42 Forex; 7 Metals; 16 Indices; 11 Commodities; 2 Bonds; 7 Cryptocurrencies; 144 Stocks
Negative balance protection Yes
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